Commercial License

Cut File designs and Printables can be purchased from The Cut Shoppe for your own personal use.  If you plan to purchase Cut Files or Printables to be used for commercial purposes, to create cards, flair buttons or any items that you will sell for profit, you must purchase a Commercial License.

Pricing is as follows:

1-75 units - $10
76-150 units - $18
Unlimited - $40

These prices are based per cut file set or Printable set.  If you plan to create 1-75 units of your product for sale, then you would pay $10 per set that you want to buy.  And so on for the amount of product you would be producing.

You must have a software based Electronic Die Cut Machine, in order to use the Cut Files.  Printables can be used with a home printer.  The Cut Files are available as PNG files and the Printables are available as PNG and PDF files.

If you are interested in purchasing an items as a one-time payment for commercial use, please contact


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