Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Hi, it's Laura today. As soon as I saw the Get To The Point file, I knew I needed to make a shirt for Zumba!  I used the 8.5x11 cut,  in the Silhouette software. I love how all the arrows point into a perfect little circle. I used that space to add the word "Dance!"

I opened Get To The Point in my software, sizing it to the desired size. I then used the text tool to add "Dance!" and chose a font that had a feeling of fun about it and placed it in the circular space the arrow create.

After lining up the word just the way I liked, I grouped everything together by using the group icon in the bottom left of the program, then flipped it horizontally. I usually do this by right clicking and choosing the flip horizontal in the dropdown menu that appears. This step is super important or you will have a backwards design, which is ok if you desire people to be able to read your shirt in their rearview mirror. Not saying my dancing is bad or anything... I digress. 

After making the cut, I weeded out all the vinyl I didn't need, leaving just the arrows and "Dance!" left on the plastic. I laid out my shirt, as centered as I could on my ironing board. I use a cloth napkin, over the plastic, to keep from melting it. Follow the directions for adhering your vinyl. I usually iron until it doesn't pull up and I can easily pull off the clear plastic, ironing again to really get a good stick. 

Here is my shirt, already to go! I got to wear it for my first day of teaching a Zumba class!

Be sure to stop by the shop today and find the perfect cut for your next project.