Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pretty Much Perfect

Hi! It's Heather here today, and I'm excited to share with you a new layout that I created with some new cut files from The Cut Shoppe!

Originally I was planning on backing the "Geometric Graffiti" cut file with patterned papers because I just LOVE this triangle-filled background cut. And patterned paper. I LOVE patterned paper. ;) So I did that. And WHEW! First of all, that took a while. And also I didn't like it. Then I added some machine stitching to it, along with some paint and gesso. I should not have done that. LOL I hated it even more with each addition. 

So I decided to scratch that idea and recut the cut file and try another idea. Previously, I have used cut files as stencils and painted inside the shapes. I did that with this "Geometric Graffiti" background using some pink watercolors. Boo hoo. I didn't like that either. I especially didn't like the way it crinkled the paper! 

I ended up leaving the page on my desk for a day or so so I could think of another way to salvage the layout. It ended up that try #3 I liked (finally)! Instead of using the entire diecut background, I used the triangles cut out by the background (they are super cool on their own!). I watercolored them different shades of turquoise and placed them in a messy column on the left side of my page. I even salvaged the chalkboard word strips from try #2 and used them on my final page.

I also used the cloud cut in the "Moody Blues" set to make the white clouds on one of the squares in the grid. I think those clouds are so funky and perfect! 

Guess that just goes to show that the saying, "Try, try, and try again" is true. I finally came up with a layout that I like after three attempts! 

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