Saturday, May 16, 2015

Insta Breakfast

Hello, it's Cara here today! And I'm so excited to share these super cool cutfiles, Stay Focused.  I think I actually said 'Yes!' and did a mini fist pump when I first saw this set, because I am a huge Instagram addict.  Are you? :D

I used the 'instalove' cutie pie camera and the shutter 'smile', but I do plan on using the other ones in the very near future :D

The Stay Focused cut file set consists of 5 photo themed icons, that can be used on your scrapbooking and papercrafting projects.

I documented my love and utter obsession for Instagram and my daily ritual of catching up after the mad rush of getting my 6 children up and ready and out the door.  Okay, it really isn't that crazy, but I still like to slow down afterwards ;)

I even designed the left side of the page to kind of resemble an Instagram profile!

Are you on Instagram?  We are! Make sure you are following @thecutshoppe You can see all of our layouts and join in on all the fun!

Have a fantastic day!

PS. I'm @caravincens on Instagram ;)


  1. Breakfast with the Doctor is the best!

    1. Everyday!! The Tardis disappears when hot tea is inside ;)