Saturday, February 7, 2015

And Then . . . Me & You!

Hey friends!
Stephanie here along with my son Caden, his friend Irish, a couple of frogs, and a LOT of ampersands!

I am a huge fan of movement on pages, but something that isn't overbearing and taking away from the photo. Most of my pages are relatively simple so I just wanted to feature the ampersands to emphasize the relationship my son and his friend had. I used my Cameo and cut a few ampersands that I could loop through a piece of twine and allow to move freely.

These two had a special bond and it's the only photo I have of them together. So, I'm happy to have it in an album!

The file was originally created as a background. I just wanted to keep it simple, so I just cut a row of the ampersands and pulled out what I needed. That is one of the most beautiful things about Ashley's designs, the versatilty! If you can do the basic steps to cutting with your Cameo, you can use these files in so many ways!

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