Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#hashtag Family

Hello Everyone, Cari here! Today I'm showing you a layout about my family. Here in Chile Coca Cola also made bottles with your name on it, but the familiar size instead of names had lastnames. My sister insist on taking us a photo with the bottle of coke with our lastname, so if you are wondering why is a bottle in the middle of the photo, that is why LOL.

For this layout I used "The Happy Hashtag" cut file to make my tittle.

And also the leaves and one of the flowers include in one of my faves from the store "The Funky Florals" cut file.

You can find "The Happy Hashtag" here, and "The Funky Florals" here.
I hope you like my layout! Remember to take a look to the Etsy Shop, to see all the new cuts that have been included recently, they are wonderful!


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