Saturday, October 14, 2017

Hey, Autumn! | Elsie Robinson

Hey everyone, it's Elsie here and I'm so excited to share my first layout for The Cut Shoppe! I was completely inspired by the gorgeous new Autumn Acres cut file set to make my first Autumnal layout of the year!

I took one of the leaf cut files and cut one at about 8 inches in height, and the other at 4 inches. I cut both from white cardstock as I knew I was going to back each section of the leaves with different patterned papers, and so the white cardstock would make sure that the contrasting colours and patterns would really "pop"!

I really enjoy the process of backing cut files as I find it really relaxing, so even though it takes longer to back each section of the leaves with patterned paper, I really don't mind doing it. Obviously you could simplify this step with using one pattern, but I love the patchwork/quilted look of all of those different patterns next to each other!

I love sewing and so I couldn't resist stitching around the outline of the cut files. I actually stuck each cut file onto some scrap cardstock before I went poked the holes for the stitching, as this made the pieces a lot more stable and easier to sew on. Once I finished I cut off the excess with a craft knife to get the outline of the file back.

And yes, this did take quite some time to do, but I've been binge-watching Westworld and so it was a good excuse to get through a few episodes!

I also used the Go Fly A Kite cut file set so I could add some clouds to my background to help set my scene. Again I cut these from white cardstock but this time around, I didn't back them with any papers. 

I wanted to leave them open so they were more subtle and I wanted to show as much of that gorgeous blue watercolour-effect paper as I could. 

I also cut a few of the kites from the set in different sizes, but I decided to use the smallest one. The string was actually too short to reach the die-cut girl's hand, so I cut some white cardstock of the same width with some scissors to make it the right length!

Thanks for joining me today, and make sure you check out The Cut Shoppe Etsy store . I'll see you soon for more projects using Ashley's beautiful cut files!

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