Friday, April 1, 2016

Makes Me Laugh-Tutorial on Using Digital Scrapbooking Kits In Your Layouts

Hi it's Katrina, from Paper, Scissors and Glue to share a fun digital/hybrid layout with you today here on the blog.  AND a neat thing that you can do with The Cut Shoppe cut files and the fill function in the Silhouette Studio software.

I used the new "Blank Canvas" file that debuted in the shop yesterday for this layout along with digital scrapbooking papers that I printed out at home.  

So, I discovered this little fun thing by accident when I was playing around in the Silhouette software working with some digital templates.  You can fill the cut shapes with patterns and a click of your mouse! Note this only works with the Designer Edition of the Silhouette software, which I highly recommend getting.  

Sit back with a cup of joe, sweet tea, or whatever your drink of choice may be and settle in for a tutorial on how to do this! 

Supplies that I am using:  Wide Format Epson 1430 printer, Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Paper, and a digital kit from Just Jaimee.  I have done hybrid with American Crafts cardstock, and it works fine and gives texture.  It seems to give you softer colors, but nothing that I wouldn't want to use.  AND you do not have to have a wide format printer, you can use your regular printer, bonus if it will print borderless. 

First we will talk about importing patterns into your library.  Find some digital scrapbooking papers that you like, either free or buy them, it's up to you!  Open your Library in Silhouette.  There is a folder for "My Patterns" and this is where you will be putting the digital papers.  You can create additional folders, which is good if you need to keep track of supplies, etc.  Then open up your folder that you have your digital papers stored in.  Now you can just drag and drop them into the Silhouette software from your folder.  Don't worry, the drag and drop just copies the files into the folder.  Here I already have the pattern papers in and need to add the solids. You can select all the papers you need to import and drag them in at once.  Here I have six selected to import and the picture is in the process of dragging them to the software.  Once they transfer you are done with the library and can close it.

So if you are using cut files, you probably already know about tracing them.  I open the trace function, which is the sixth icon from the right hand side of your screen at the top.  Select the area you want to trace by clicking "Select Trace Area" and then drawing a box around the item.  I usually uncheck the High Pass Filter and sometimes have to play around with the threshold to fill the item with yellow.  Then you will pick your option for tracing.  This file is just a "Trace Outer Edge" .

Now you have your cut file ready to cut from your pattern paper.  But wait, you found some digital files that are fun and you would love to use them in a layout.  You will select the fill function, which is the 3 icon in the top right set of controls.  You can see it highlight in blue. Have your cut file selected and make sure the box is around it.  Now click on the pattern you want to use and your shape will fill with the pattern you select.  You can easily pick and choose other patterns until you get one you like.

See the black box around the pattern on the right?  That tells you which pattern you have selected.  

Does anything in this close up look familiar?  I ended up using the same shape in two different patterns.

Once you have your images with the patterns you want to use, you will then use the print and cut feature of the software.  You will need to select the "Use Registration Marks" feature, which is the fourth icon from the right hand top corner  and turn them on for the size of paper you have to print on. You need to make sure that your image is within the borders of the registration marks, so no paper hoarding here! I had to move mine down to get placement correct.  Then you will print your file from the software by sending it to your printer. Once you have printed, do not move anything on your mat in the software.  The machine will use the registration marks that printed and that are in the software to line up to cut the image.         NOTE:  This does not print the red lines, just the pattern and shape.  

Once your paper comes out of the printer, just place it on your mat making sure placement is like the picture in your software.  Send to the Silhouette and watch the magic happen!  

This just opens up all kind of possibilities with your software and creating.  I am quickly becoming a hybrid scrapper and I think I am going to love it.  It's not for everyone and you have to figure out what works for you.  This entire layout minus a few things is done from the digital kit by Just Jaimee. 

I know this is a lot of information to take in, so just take some time to play around filling shapes with patterns, etc and get a feel for it.  Once you have that down, then you can try the print and cut of the shapes.  Although, I jumped right in once I realized what I could do!  PS...make sure to have ink on hand!

If you have any question, please feel free to email me at cardipaws @ sbcglobal . net  Leave out the spaces!!!

And no...this is NOT an April Fool's joke!!!  


  1. I can't wait to use this cut file!! They look so fun!! Love the colors in your page- so fun!!

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